Watch Snob: Vintage Reissues

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1. Longines came out with a Silver Arrow

I have very, very, very little use for so-called “reboots” of so-called “classics.” There are several reasons for this; allow me to inflict them on you. First of all, many of the classics in question were not especially interesting in and of themselves when they weren’t classics but were merely decent watches expected to do a day’s work without expecting the Order Of Merit Of The Empire For Excellence In Horological Design to boot. Second, most so-called reboots are merely attempts to make a profit

Numbered Gins


1. Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

You can’t quite drink your way to 100 using gin brand names, but you can come close. From Beefeater 24 and Tanqueray 10 to No. 3 Gin and Gin Number 0, numbering your juniper-flavored vodka seems to have become a thing. It’s a marketing construct that doesn’t seem to have much of a historical reason for being, but it’s a drink trend nonetheless. And we like trends.

Here’s How You’re Going To Impress Everyone You Meet

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1. Expandable Dopp Kit

Edgy is not a word we often associate with a dopp kit. But this expandable wash bag in brushed black cow hide with black cotton twill lining, gunmetal hardware and RiRi zips (the snag-free kind found on Hermes bags) is the handiwork of The Transience, an uber-hip New York brand that temporarily operated out of a pop-up premises in the Bowery (naturally) earlier this year. Founder Sarah Clarkson applies her knowledge of industrial design to the collection of travel accessories, which seamlessly transform in shape and size.

Sex Basics


1. Foreplay Is More Than A Means To An End

Most guys are confident in their abilities in bed. As an adult male, you have to be. But while we’ve all given ourselves silent pep talks before an encounter and patted ourselves on the back after, our self-assurance may actually be misguided. We’re not all the skillful lovers we would like to think we are.